“I hope you look for me in everyone else and panic when you realize that they’ll never be exactly the same.”

– Ten words story: you lost me. (via maisjetaime)


a guy once told my lesbian friend that being a lesbian is a huge turn off for guys and that she’ll never find a boyfriend.




Don’t want nudes leaked? Don’t take nudes. Don’t want to be robbed? Stop owning things. Wanna avoid being killed? Buddy, quit living already!


i would describe my art style as post-kindergarten scribblecore

1. Don’t try to piss quietly. Nobody in a public restroom thinks you’re knitting in your stall. They came to piss, just like you. And if you have to take a dump, do it. Get over your fear of public toilets. It’ll make life a lot easier.

2. Masturbate. Masturbate a lot. Talk about it with your friends. You’ve got the right to make yourself feel good and brag about it just like all the boys with extra large kleenex packages on their desks.

3. If you want the large fries, get the large fries. Hunger and appetite are nothing to be ashamed of, just human. Don’t ever feel guilty for eating in front of others. You need to nourish your body to stay alive. We all do.

4. Laugh as loud as you have to, no matter if you snort or gasp or literally scream.

5. Fart when you have to.

6. Always remember you weren’t born to visually please others. Forget the phrase “what if they think it’s ugly”. If you think it’s lovely, it is lovely. You wanna wear it, wear it!

7. Speak your mind! You can learn to do so without insulting others or shoving your opinion down other people’s throats.

Seven Simple Ways To Free Yourself, from girl to girl (via notcapableoflove)

Outer South


Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band - Roosevelt Room


Black Ink’s Sassy on Being a Lesbian & Getting Girls

http://www.vladtv.com/ - Black Ink Crew’s Sassy opens up about being a lesbian on a reality show, and how people have responded to her being out. Sassy also goes into detail about how Puma lost his tooth, getting it fixed and losing it again

    Men's Rights Activists:
  • We're constantly demonized by mainstream media and are targets of police brutality.
    Black Men:
  • We face discrimination and hatred and are denied marriage and job security.
    Gay Men:
  • We are outcasts and are denied medical care, our lives are constantly under threat and our gender is always under scrutiny and policed by others.
    Trans Men:
  • ....
    Men's Rights Activist:
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Y-Yeah, but... a Feminist was mean to me...
    Men's Right Activist: